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    These are some pictures from a picnic to Choral Dam with S.P mausaji, mausiji, aarti didi, amit bhaia, A.K Gupta mausaji, mausiji, ekta didi and rahul bhaia. It was a lot of fun, we swam in the water and all but none of us had brought extra clothes so we had to wear the wet clothes all the way back as well. So share the fun of

Choral Dam

All of us

Amit And Mickey Bhaia on the road

Amit And Mickey Bhaia on the Railing

Kapde Sukhana (since we didn't bring an extra pair)


Lunch Time

Kapada Sukhana Continues

Papa, Ekta didi and Aarti didi.

All of us swimming in the Choral

Swim 2, Me, papa, Amit bhaia, and both didi's