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My Life

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    This is one of the poems I wrote, The title is My Life but all of it doesn't really apply to me, I just felt like writing it. I wrote it quite a while ago and just thought I would share it with all of you.


My Life

My life is like a stream,

that keep on flowing in my dreams.

I met a thousand people in my life,

Some were talking, some were quite,

Some were friendly, some in despite.


I think the life is meant for fun,

You have to catch it in a long run.

It passes slowly day by day,

and then comes an end to all the fun and joy.

You cannot behold on future,

We are all mighty god's creatures.

A life is a gift of Death,

Death has a right on every breath.


If you have a chance enjoy all you want,

Because someday you may want to but then you can't.

Live it to the fullest,

And do your best.

follow these tips and watch,

how your dreams in life come true.