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Namaste and a warm Welcome to my 

world in this lovely spring. 

Through this site, you will know

who I am. I have all sorts of

 things that I like on this site,

 so look around and I hope you





If this is your first time here, you may want to look around to the whole thing...but if not, and you are just looking for the new additions ( they will always have this symbol in front)...But remember to sign my Guest book, so that I know that you were here... 

New pictures- from our summer excursions of 2002, and mixed NJ photos

  Latest Art Work- my work with Airbrush techniques.

My Latest Hobby- my work with Menhdi 

Latest Photography - newest nature scenes 

Lohe Ke Ped Hare Honge - a hindi literature poem..but really great. 

A Great Poem "Kismat"  : really good one this time, MUST READ!!!


  Here is  a little organized description of my website :

bullet   Want to know a little bit more about who I am, simple just read  My Diary.


bullet     Interested in seeing things I like to do, well just take a look inside My Hobbies.

Oh By the way, if you already know me, you might

want to find your picture with all of us. Want to take a shot, just click on the family photograph on the left to go to the Family Photo Album.


bullet   Also, here is a collection of variety of things that I like (old childhood poems, prayers, songs etc.) To see them, just visit My Collections


bullet   But you know what, the best thing to do is actually to take a little tour of my country India.