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    This page is all about my collections of all different things that I Like. Some of them are really good so I thought I would share them with you.

    I believe that we should always start by thanking god for all that he has given us and that's why let's have a nice Prayer and a Bhajan, that I really like. I know there are many in general but these two are the ones I really like. 

 Nahin Sataaon Kisi Jeev Ko

Makhan Churaa Kar  

    Here is a collection of certain childhood poems that my mom and my grandmother told me. I think they are really something that are really worth cherishing. They are all in Hindi- English so I hope you don't have a very tough time reading them. 

Lohe ke ped hare honge - a great hindi literary poem. 

Kismat- a great poem...a definite read

Chitrakaar Sunsaan Jagah Mein Bana Raha Tha Chitra...

Jugnu Bhai- Jugnu Bhai...

Pappi Boli Aao Manju...

The Hindi Varnmaala Poem (most fascinating)

Apna Ghar Hai Sabse Pyaara

Pede Wala

Lalaji Ne Kela Khaya.....

Nanhi Nanhi Pyaari Gudia...

Doctor Dekho Bhali Prakar....

Bandar Ne Apne Kheton Mein Gajar Khoob Ugai...

Billi Boli Chuhe Raam


   Here is a collection of Some Indian Folk Songs that I know. I think out of all music, there are very few things that can meet the magic of a village folk, so enjoy!!

Bihaari Lok Geet

Jaipuriya Lok Geet