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    Hi, I wrote this poem when I was very little for Mothers Day, even though the words sound funny since, at that time I didn't know a lot, the feelings are good and that's why I thought I would share it with you.

A Mother

A mother is the one who,

cares about you,

She is the one who,

 scolds you for your own good,

sometimes she yells at you,

and then you cry in a sad mood,

she is the one who also cries,

deep inside feeling not very nice.

She is the one who loves you the most,

she cares for you at any cost.

No one can ever take her place,

Since, she plays a vital role in life,

As a mother and as a wife.

Without her we all are nothing,

She's the one who taught us "what is living".

She will always be there when you're in need,

Making sure that you are happy and free,

If she cares so much about us,

We should also care just as much,

So this Mothers day, do something special,

that will show her how much you care.

Happy Mothers Day