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Sept. 11

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    This was a ballad that I had to write for my English class. We could write on any topic, and this seemed like the best choice. Just to mention a few characteristics of ballads, the 2nd and 4th lines are supposed to rhyme, and thus this may not seem like the usual poems. Also, it is written from the point of view of a very little girl, let's say around 9-10 years old.

Every nightmare has a reason

As we walked through the city,

Mommy and me,

Talking and chatting

On a little shopping spree


Then out of the blue

Mommy told me,

Of the bad dream she had

During last night's sleep


"What was it, mommy

That shudders you so?"

"Oh, please tell me

Or I'll never know."


That's when she said

"The world will come down,

And happiness would fade

With something much bigger than a frown."


I told her, it's not so,

Then she said in a an assertive way,

"Every nightmare has a reason child,

And today, we may even go."


Ignoring her terrifying dream

I walked along just carefree

But, now I wish I could have listened

To what she could foresee.


Hearing a very loud noise,

She quickly said so,

"That's my nightmare's voice,

Darling, its time that we may go."


We stepped out of the building

Hoping to see,

How true is the story

My mother could foresee.


Before we knew it,

The world came down

In a seconds split

People's faces were worse than frowns


Now I know the reason behind the nightmare

That when mommy had said

"Darling today we may go"

Was not a simple scare.


Now I lay with a few moments to think,

Away from mommy, away from my world.

As I write notes with the mental ink,

Only one thought could successfully unfurl.


Life is not a race,

Do take it slower

Hear the music

Before the song is over


Soon I was up in the clouds

Completely relaxed and carefree

Sleeping in a soft bed,

Covered with a warm blanket of debree.


May God Bless all lost in the World Trade Center tragedy.